Rebellion is Bursting out All Over

As Spygate proceeds to its certain conclusion -- the trials of those who engaged in this scandalous coup attempt -- we receive the details of the scheme only in dribs and drabs. Too many were involved and have too much to lose at this point by not revealing to the investigators their role in exchange for more lenient treatment, which is why I believe all will soon be revealed. So for the moment let’s turn to the broader picture that explains in large part why so many officials were so determined to keep Donald Trump from the White House and to oust him once he won the election. To me, it has seemed they are clinging to the privileges and benefits of an order which is dying because its underpinnings -- the post-World War II order -- no longer suit the citizens of the countries involved, or the changing world. In this respect, I was much taken by this article in the Claremont Review by Christopher Caldwell. The subject of this essay is Hungarian prime minister Viktor...(Read Full Article)
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