Justice Kavanaugh is Still Triggering the Left

Normally, one would expect that a university fortunate enough to get a sitting Supreme Court Justice to join its faculty would be receiving accolades from its students. But of course, these are not normal times. Thus, when George Mason University recently announced that Justice Brett Kavanaugh would co-teach (along with Professor Jennifer L. Mascott) a summer class at its Antonin Scalia Law School, the campus Left was seriously triggered. Students immediately launched protests, a petition drive, and an ad campaign claiming that they would suffer harm due to the uncorroborated allegations of sexual assault made against Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearings last fall. Reason's Robby Soave described the unhinged response: 'The hiring of Kavanaugh threatens the mental well-being of all survivors on this campus,' said one female student during the public comment period of GMU's board meeting last week… Another student, a survivor of sexual violence,...(Read Full Article)
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