Infanticide Democrats Ostracize Prolife Dan Lipinski

When I ran for Congress in 1986 against pro-life Democrat Bill Lipinski, who attended the same Catholic Church as I did, there were stll such creatures as moderate Democrats. Bill Lipinski was an honest Tip O’Neill Democrat representing a district, IL-5, that was heavily Polish, blue-collar, and Catholic. He was a union man who believed in big government. But he was solidly prolife, as is his son, Dan, representing what is now IL-3.  Bill Lipinski was a master politician and, when he felt he had enough of Washington and his son had enough of academia, engineered a way for his son to succeed him that was a marvel to behold. He could have timed his announced retirement so that voters of both parties could choose their own nominees and their own future congressman in the March primary and November election. He could have retired early enough to trigger a special election, Instead he ran unopposed in the March 2004 Illinois primary, then waited until the middle of...(Read Full Article)
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