Dumb and Mean Democrats Lack American Consciousness

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is disturbingly dumb, and the likes of Schumer, Schiff, and Sanders are mean-spirited.  Indeed, Dems led by the progressive instigators are devoid of American consciousness, making them the dumbest and meanest interlopers in the public square.

They are dumb because, in the words of F. Scott Fitzgerald, they are unable to "hold two opposing ideas in mind at the same time while retaining the ability to function."  To wit:  They cannot consolidate the notions that President Trump, despite his occasional abruptness and forthright demeanor, may still promote policies that make America great.

It may be emotionally comforting, but it is foolhardy to obsess over Trump's unpolished style while dismissing his passion to MAGA for all of us.  Mentally muddled, the dumb Dems can only stutter and stammer when confronted by figures reflecting a robust economy.  Even though some Dems once espoused Trumpian objectives (building a barrier to protect us from hordes of illegal aliens or dallying with trade protectionism), they now prevaricate under pressure from mindless mobs who can barely harbor a single idea while functioning, let alone two. 

They are mean because they lack the traits that emerge from a higher state of consciousness, such as  self-awareness, empathy, dignity, and compassion.   According to Integrated Information Theory, the greater the complexity and degree of integrated information a system maintains, the greater its consciousness.  But Dems' information is more like misinformation; far from integrated, each so-called "bombshell" about Trump's supposed offenses invariably disintegrates.  Rather than discern style from substance and tolerate a bit of ambiguity, they adopt simplistic absolutism: Trump is evil; his supporters need an intervention.

Actually, it is they who are misguided as they concoct one miscarriage of justice after another in order to obstruct.  Their tactics in persecuting Trump's allies (and their hapless families), destroying livelihoods, and ravaging reputations reflects minimal self-awareness and maximum irrationality.  Consumed by hate, they have crashed into the swamps of endless subpoenas and investigations.

No wonder their enablers are distraught — they are dumb, mean, and stinky swamp creatures.  Incapable of integrating complex information, they revert to dividing Americans into competing constituents rather than rather than rejoicing in our gloriously enduring motto: E Pluribus Unum.

Consciousness is a mysterious phenomenon that may pervade the universe.  In a sense, the omnipresent consciousness that graces our majestic land is similar to the Force in Star Wars.  In the movies, it's an energy field created by all living things that binds the galaxy together, but it has a dark side.  In our blessed land, to the extent that we embrace American consciousness, the "Force" is illuminating.  It is a beacon of light emanating from a shining "city on a hill."  Darkness materializes only among the narcissists, the sociopaths, and Dems who aren't simpatico with this energy.  One manifestation is the uncaring, unaware, and unleashed ogres emerging from the dark, dank, decrepit depths of the swamp to search for elusive crimes.  These soul-destroying megalomaniacs are distrustful of liberty that may contravene their oppressive orthodoxy.

Today's wayward Dems represent the "dark side" of the Force that is antithetical to civil society.  Rather than embrace complex, integrated information, they squelch dissent.  They've little empathy for the human predicament wrought by failed Democrat policies; they've little compassion and no tolerance of individuality.  Only blind obedience to their "progressive" orthodoxy is demanded.  By dehumanizing conservatives, it's easier to persecute them remorselessly.  Their souls are dark, enshrouded by Machiavellian malevolence.

Even as they encourage the wretched masses to seek sanctuary here, such discontents are reluctant to celebrate American exceptionalism symbolized by a pervasive spirit of free will, enterprise, and personal initiative, even while restraining ego.  Indeed, to our founders, "pursuing happiness," according to Supreme Court justice Anthony Kennedy, meant "that feeling of self-worth and dignity you acquire by contributing to your community and to its civic life."

Contrast that lofty level of American consciousness with today's Dems.  Beyond the schadenfreude they derive from sticking it to white men, have you ever seen Ocasio-Cortez or her ilk smile?  Schumer, Schiff, and Sanders are always scowling, especially after glowing economic figures are released.  I never thought I'd see anyone as mentally twisted as Hillary, but Pelosi may be it.  She's the visage of a snarling old ratbag with a contorted soul ravaged by the dark side.  Darth Vader himself has more redeeming qualities.

America is imbued with the enlightened force of consciousness that injects magic into our founding imperatives.  Our founding documents and principles are embellished by the soaring poetry of human freedom; it is irresistible, it is an optimistic outpost amid a dark void.  Endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights, it is a place where even malcontents on the periphery of American society can still entertain the audacity of hope.

IIT hints that lower levels of consciousness may prevail in all things material.  Some theoreticians even postulate that the universe itself is conscious.  We may never fully grasp all of nature's intricacies; nevertheless, the more fine-tuned our consciousness, the more we appreciate that "if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."  While trigger warnings and safe spaces eviscerate consciousness, an imaginative mind that endeavors to integrate complex information is essential in expanding our conceptions of "reality."

What makes American ideals irresistible is their sublime state of consciousness.  But them swamp Dems are mired in muck, unable to change the way they look at things even though times have changed.  No longer are we in the Gilded Age or times of unwarranted privilege.  Nowadays, the vast majority of Americans are work martyrs, their only privilege deriving from consciousness of America's greatness.  That is our birthright, though the mean and dumb Dems are intent on squandering it.  It seems they prefer we be more like Latin America than America the Beautiful.

Image: Dimitri Rodriguez via Flickr.

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