Anti-Trump Zealots Require More Than a Calmness App

The 2017 iPhone App of the Year is "Calm."  The co-CEO of the company that makes the meditation app observed that downloads doubled in the months following president Trump's election.  While meditation apps may cushion anti-Trump zealots pinging around their liberal echo-chambers, to truly soothe their tortured souls, they need to confront the stages of grief.  For lasting inner peace, they need to move beyond the denial stage toward acceptance of President Trump's legitimacy.

Overall, meditation and mindfulness apps saw their popularity soar in 2017 – apparently, there are a lot of liberal snowflakes reluctant to Make America Great Again.  These apps may provide some temporary solace to the forlorn intellectuals, but their cognitive dissonance invariably re-emerges when the reality of President Trump's successes intrudes upon their delusional world.

Apps that encourage emotional well being in Trump deniers are, at best, palliative.  Riddled with irrational hate, the Trump-haters' underlying disorder festers even as they project their mental psychoses onto Trump.  By bizarrely asserting (despite his major accomplishments in the first year of his term) that he's somehow unfit for office, they only exacerbate their mental anguish by demonstrating that it is they who are unfit for public participation.  Beyond downloading a meditation app, they might achieve true mental equanimity by engaging in loyal opposition rather than floundering in reflexive resistance.  An example of the former is President Reagan's "frenemy" Tip O'Neill; the latter is well represented by the gnarly ogre Nancy Pelosi, who wallows in the grief-ridden state of denial.

As one professor cum psychologist predicted, the anti-Trump crowd will suffer a mixed up path through the stages of grief.  In fact, we are entering into President Trump's second year in office, and many haven't even made it beyond the first stage.  While the putrid Trump-bashers shriek in self-pitying sanctimony, no amount of "mindfulness" apps will overcome their insidious symptoms: uncontainable weeping; unfathomable sadness; unnerving panic attacks; and, in extreme cases, venom-spewing convulsions.  Meditation and mindfulness apps are simply no match for these behaviors, which require a personal shrink, if not commitment to the nutty asylum for disaffected liberals.

This may be where this anti-Trump zealot belongs after exhibiting several of these symptoms while heckling a Trump robot – a robot, mind you – at a Disney venue.  Some futurists fret about the potential misanthropy of clever robots, but it is the Trump robot I sympathize with after the protester screamed, "Lock him up!"  He's obviously in his own deluded world.  It goes to show how becoming inextricably enmeshed in an alternate reality is detrimental to long-term mental health.  For the sake of sanity, eventually one has to rewire the liberal cognitive patterns and come to grips with the prevailing reality, and legitimacy, of President Trump.  It will lift a mental burden, and it's really not that bad, actually, as American optimism now flourishes under his leadership.

Our own America-loving president is deemed more dangerous than little Rocket Man over in North Korea, and a hapless animatronic Trump is subjected to a bewildering barrage of insults from someone who needs behavioral therapy, not some mindfulness app.  President Trump can handle the insults, but please don't annoy the robots or provoke them into rebelling against us.

The theme for the 2017 New Year's Eve ball was "the gift of serenity," which can be defined as balancing tranquility, peace, and composure.  In other words, here is everything the futile Trump resistance movement isn't.  They'll march to force Trump out of office; they'll disrupt civil discourse; they'll cause public mayhem; they'll loot and riot; they'll concoct implausible investigations; they'll even try to impeach.  No wonder so many liberal elitists are critical of America and Western civilization.  They want to uproot one of our cherished traditions: the peaceful transition of power.  Such anti-American machinations are hardly a recipe for serenity, but they will engender more stress than any "Calm" app can cure.

Meditation apps and gifts of serenity are inherently incompatible with the hate-filled demagoguery and Deep State collusion of the resistance movement.  All this will avail them nothing, for America is inexorably becoming great again, and that's something to be mindful of.  That's something worthy of meditation.

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