Debunking Another Leftist Myth: Nazi Fascists and Fascist Nazis

The Left has put out an enormous effort to convince humanity that Italy's fascism and Germany's National Socialism have been a phenomenon of the right.  In the course of building this myth, the leftists have created yet another one.  The Left equalized those two regimes and, as a result, created German fascists and Italian Nazis.  Even more often, unsuspecting people called both regimes fascist erroneously. Indeed, there are many similarities and a political kinship between Italian fascism and German National Socialism.  The common denominator of these two regimes is their anti-Marxist and anti-democratic ideologies.  Both systems relied on the omnipotent and omnipresent totalitarian state as a method of resolving class hatred and the amalgamation of the nation into one.  Both ideologies utilized the collectivization of consciousness as a primary path to socialism.  However, the similarities do not...(Read Full Article)