Are Impeachment Democrats Geniuses or Idiots?

Now that we know that there never was any Trump Russia collusion, and now that we know that the Democrats aren’t going to let that hinder their lust for impeachment, the question in all minds is whether the Democrats have a Bismarck cunning strategy or a Baldrick cunning plan to extinguish the Trump menace. For instance, Andrew C. McCarthy writes of an “exquisitely planned political campaign.” Really? It could just as easily be a Keystone Kops routine, starting with Hillary campaign operatives coopting the “intelligence community” during the campaign and then getting Obama on board because he’d want to avoid the embarrassment of being involved in the private e-mail system stupidity. What would you have done as president the first time you heard about the Hillary e-mail system? I’d say any president with half a brain would demand that either the e-mail system or Hillary is outta here by sundown. But Obama is weak, feeble. And what...(Read Full Article)
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