Trump’s Rebel Alliance Attacks the Left’s Death Star

As in one of those old-time movies like Mr. Smith Goes to Washington or a sci-fi film like Star Wars, where the good guys finally go on the offensive and beat the evildoers, this week the President and the rebel alliance cracked through the Democrat’s Death Star of lies , deceit, and unpunished illegalities.  It was fun to watch, and I think it’s just begun. Candace Owens  This attractive young black woman, connected to Prager U, blew House Democrats out of the water. The video of her feat on C-Span received more hits than any other Twitter/CSpan video.  Townhall, covered this, in case you didn’t see Owens in action. She demolished Congressman Ted Lieu, who tried to paint her as a Hitler lover by selectively misrepresenting her earlier statement in which she had distinguished between nationalism as pride and support for one’s country, and Hitler’s version. In the process she proved her claim that the globalist infused...(Read Full Article)
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