The Cemeteries of Holy Week

It is clockwork. Virtually every year you can count on it. Holy Week is the most dangerous week of the year to be a Christian. It is the week in which Jesus was killed, and it should surprise no one that his followers are killed that same week, every single year, in droves. This year the big attack was Resurrection Sunday in Sri Lanka of course. The numbers keep climbing upward, and the more details that come out only add to the horror of it.   screen grab But don't forget the Palm Sunday attack in Numa, Nigeria last week in which 17 were killed. You didn't hear about that one? It happened. It happened at a baby dedication. The mother is dead, the father is in critical condition. The news media, who did not tell you about it, would like you to learn more about Pete Buttigieg. Last year was a slight anomaly from the pattern, with relatively few attacks during Holy Week itself. It was the broader season of Lent, which kicked off in Nigeria with...(Read Full Article)
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