Should the GOP Back Off Socialism?

Memo to Republicans: don’t rest easy on your laurels, thinking that casting the word “socialism” on Democrats as an aspersion will win the White House in 2020. The House chamber may have erupted in cheers when President Trump declared “America will never be a socialist country” during his State of the Union, but the applause came mainly from the GOP caucus, whose median age is somewhere around Medicare. Socialism -- the word and its concomitant collective sentiment, not the actual system -- is renascent within the Democratic Party’s youthful wing. American millennials have a generally rosy view of the reddish ideology, as opposed to capitalism, which many view as the sole reason boozy brunches are served exclusively on the weekend. The Republican consultant class is convinced that pinning the socialism badge on Democratic candidates is going to awaken some slumbering middle-class reaction, which will pay dividends in the voting booth. That...(Read Full Article)
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