Russia, Iran, and the Weaponization of Energy

One of the most important lessons from World War II is this: integrated economic growth is always better than a global war that engulfed all seven continents and killed over 100 million people.  Since oil, natural gas, and coal are now intertwined with geopolitics, international relations, foreign policy, realist balancing that pits nation against nation, and macroeconomic monetary policy, energy and electricity are now coupled with national security.  Russia and Iran use fossil fuel, nuclear power plants, and renewable energy as weapons — hence the term "the weaponization of energy." Confronting both countries using alliances like NATO to hem Russia and Iran into their respective regions of influence while also using soft power to coax them into using their energy resources in a positive direction is where the world is now and into the future.  What's disconcerting is how Russia and Iran use energy as a foreign policy and national...(Read Full Article)
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