Jihad and the Media in an Age of Delusion

On Sunday, the BBC reported another horrible news story from London: a knifeman went on a stabbing spree of "defenceless" people in London.  The story revealed less about the incident it was purporting to report on than it did about our age of anti-reality and delusion. In this age, it is not difficult to step back and observe almost indiscernible but seismic historical shifts in the making — not in the big-bang news events, but in the nitty-gritty details of the social fabric of our daily lives, where life happens.  It is usually not so easy to detect such subtleties, let alone observe the silent measures a nation or a civilization takes when it quietly but most decidedly has...given up.  One need not be an anthropologist to detect seismic changes in human behavior or societies. First, it's language.  Language is key.  Subtle and not so subtle restrictions are placed on what would offend the...(Read Full Article)
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