How to Defeat the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact

A key difference between conservatives and liberals is the way in which they handle a presidential election loss.  When conservatives lose a presidential election, they take a moment to lick their wounds, then use the rest of their time in the wilderness to examine, analyze, and strategize to win the next election. Conversely, as many commentators have noted, and as liberals' behavior since Hillary Clinton's 2016 loss to Donald Trump has demonstrated, when liberals lose under the existing rules, they seek to change the rules, specifically, the Electoral College whereby the individual states choose the president, replacing it with a nationwide "popular vote." It is obvious why liberals, whose political philosophy and preferences are anathema to much of the nation, would want to do this.  Eliminating the Electoral College means Democratic presidential candidates never having to say they're sorry to, or consider the opinions and values of, those...(Read Full Article)
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