The Case for Trump and a Look at 2020

The Case for Trump by the political and military scholar Victor Davis Hanson is a book dedicated to the "Deplorables."  It is a fact-based analysis of why Donald Trump was able to win the presidency in 2016.  Beyond that, Hanson sat down with American Thinker and discussed the presidential election in 2020. Donald Trump ran against both political parties and the East Coast establishment in the 2016 presidential election.  He was the first man ever elected to the nation's highest office without prior experience in government, politics, or the military.  In a nutshell, Trump appealed to a forgotten but sizable portion of the population: the working and middle classes most negatively impacted by decades of globalism.  Through direct quotes from various individuals on both sides, Hanson makes a powerful case that the elite of both parties hold immense disdain for these middle Americans. Hanson told American...(Read Full Article)
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