Deep State: Idiots and Knaves and Crazy-Cakes

The providential thing about the deep state effort to spy on the Trump campaign and then to take down a duly-elected president is that the deep-staters are fools and knaves. They don’t have the chops to be real Chekists or real revolutionaries. That’s the way to understand the whole affair. If you look at the actions of the players -- the Brennans, the Clappers, the Comeys -- and the NPCs -- the Strzoks, the Pages -- it is clear that they weren’t prepared to risk all to get rid of the awful Trump. Why, they had pensions and careers and book contracts to protect! So as the whole affair emerges from the mire it is not so much a fearful dragon as a toy-store replica. People were prepared to dither on the boundaries of illegality, but not, as they did in another generation, to risk their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor. That’s how to understand the pearl-clutching over Attorney General William Barr’s “spying” remark last week....(Read Full Article)
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