What Justice Depends on - a Crash Course

With no apology to relativists for such a brazen title, I offer an important insight on justice gleaned over a great many years of observation. First off, two major problems need to be highlighted: Big Problem Number One: The human being is naturally ambivalent toward what is morally right and what is morally wrong, and cannot be trusted to be naturally virtuous. Needs, desires, temptation, weakness, doubt, frustration all militate against morally responsible action. Being a decent human being, having a functioning moral “sense,” does not come with one’s physical equipment, including heart and brain. Whether one is robust or delicate, warm or cold, bright or slow – or one of countless in-betweens – moral response must be learned and made habit. At its fundamental and most direct level, justice depends on morally responsive people, not on feelings or idols of the marketplace, including technological progress. Big Problem Number Two:...(Read Full Article)
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