Victim Politics: The Game of Loser Takes All

When life is good, there are people who seek out others to make it worse, to level inequalities. It is hard to get the mind around this, but they do. The players of victim politics speak clearer than mere explanations can do. When Ace Magashule, a career henchman who helped make South Africa fail, says, “We have been building the white people’s roads‚ their houses‚ working their farms, now it’s time for a black person to own land and farm,” – that’s victim politics.   When a Palestinian delegate calls on the UN “to hold Israelis accountable for violations and crimes in the Palestinian Territories” – that’s victim politics. When Hilary Clinton blasts misogynist homophobic Islamaphobic xenophobic racist America – that’s victim politics. When black actor Jussie Smollett pays for staging a white hate crime on him – that’s opportunistic victim politics When a flyer at the...(Read Full Article)
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