The Democratic Schism: A Tactical Ploy?

It seems that all we hear about these days in both Democrat and Republican circles is the colossal rift unfolding in plain view between the radical socialists and moderate Democrats in Nancy Pelosi's House and party.  The concern among Democrats and wishful thinking among Republicans is that this will divide the Democrats, making a Trump victory in 2020 a certainty. National Review's Jay Cost agrees about the divide and maintains in his "Radicalism Is on the Rise among Democrats" that Democrats were able to achieve considerable political success in the post–world war years into the 21st century, by keeping "radical [socialist] forces at bay" and putting in place more palatable policies that allowed them to "share the bounty of capitalism in a more egalitarian manner."  Using the example of choosing Cold War hawk and interventionist Harry Truman over Henry Wallace as Roosevelt's V.P. in 1944, Cost suggests...(Read Full Article)
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