Pelosi's War with the Impeachment Hotheads

Speaker Pelosi and her party are no longer on the same page.  Mrs. Pelosi's recent revelation that she's not for impeachment directly contradicts the political priorities of many — if not most — on the American left.  Recent actions by House Democrats make this clear.  By most indications, number one on the progressive agenda is not national security, the economy, jobs, health care, education, abortion, or even the climate.  The highest priority for many congressional Democrats and their base is the impeachment of President Trump.  As Byron York noted last week: [Rep. Jerrold] Nadler's talk with ABC was the clearest indication yet that Democrats have decided to impeach Trump and are now simply doing the legwork involved in making that happen.  And that means the debate among House Democrats will be a tactical one — what is the best time and way to go forward — rather...(Read Full Article)
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