No Deal at All

When Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Ed Markey rolled out their Green New Deal (GND) in February, they put flesh on the bones of a policy that formerly was only a pie-in-the-sky proposal promoted by the Green Party. This Green Party proposal was a wish list from an expansionist government agenda floated by Democrat Socialists and the far-left wing of the Democrat Party over the last twenty or so years. The Green Party proposal went beyond replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy (no nukes) to include supplanting “non-essential means of transportation” with modern mass transit (no more trips to Home Depot for you!), 50% reduction in military spending (no more wars for oil), no home foreclosures, forgiveness of all college loans, and a public jobs program. While some of the most outlandish ideas were not incorporated in the House and Senate versions of the Green New Deal, enough were retained to make this a horrific blueprint for the...(Read Full Article)
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