No Cover-Up for Michael Cohen

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough recently made some comments that would leave many people scratching their heads and wondering whether he had watched the same Michael Cohen hearing that the rest of the country recently watched. According to Scarborough, “the Republican members of the House Oversight Committee in plain sight exposed themselves as a political party whose goal and whose purpose and whose central organized principle is to cover up for the illegal and immoral misdeeds of Donald J. Trump.” With all due respect to Scarborough, this conclusion simply defies logic and ignores the fact that Mr. Cohen previously pled guilty to lying, has questionable credibility and is about to serve time in prison. Notwithstanding these “blemishes,” Scarborough opined on MSNBC that “the GOP took a step closer to political oblivion” during the course of Cohen’s hearing. However, a review of what transpired at the hearing entirely discredits Scarborough’s...(Read Full Article)
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