Macron's Algeria Dilemma

France's President Emmanuel Macron is facing a dilemma with Algeria.  To act or not to act is the fence he uncomfortably sits on.  Here's the story. Eighty-two-year-old Abdelaziz Boutefilka, the president of Algeria, had a serious stroke six years ago and because of it seldom appears in public.  He has now announced that he will not run for his fifth five-year presidential term.  On the surface, this is a major victory for the Algerian street, which sees the regime as corrupt and has been demonstrating both in Algeria and France for him not to run. At the same time, Boutefilka said the election scheduled for April 18 will be postponed.  Instead, he's calling for a constitutional conference to form a new republic.  No date has been set for the delayed election.  Critics fear that this is a subterfuge by the ruling party to allow it to install a handpicked...(Read Full Article)
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