Green Insanity Is Flooding Towns and Destroying Lives

Having written extensively in these pages (read here, here, and here) on the catastrophic flooding of the Missouri River basin in 2011, I believe that the occasion of this present flood disaster plaguing Nebraska, Iowa, and South Dakota has given rise to many questions.  Foremost, I have been asked if there is an environmentalist element, as there was in 2011, when the Corps of Engineers intentionally permitted the flooding of eight states in order to further their highest priority (as per the Master Water Control Manual) of "habitat restoration for riverine wildlife" at the expense of the original top priority, flood control, and the preservation of human life and property. Green "deism" does play a role in our current woes, but not as directly as it did in 2011.  More of a "Best supporting Actor," in this case. The Master Water Control Manual is the bible of the Missouri River basin dam system.  It defines the duties...(Read Full Article)
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