An Unheralded Prophet

The writing on the wall came most clearly, I think, in 1994 when Randall A. Terry said: “In 1959 it would have been unthinkable to the average American – whether Democrat, Republican or Independent – that children would be murdered by abortion, homosexuals would be indoctrinating our children and demanding ‘marriage’ rights, that our surgeon general would be calling for the legalization of criminal drugs, and the distribution of condoms to ten-year-olds, that our tax money would pay for a crucifix floating in a vat of urine, that prayer and Bible reading would be illegal in government schools, that new-age, one-world, indoctrination would be standard fare. None of these atrocities could have been foreseen (much less discussed in mixed company) a scant 35 years ago. Where will it end? Will what is unthinkable and unspeakable today be commonplace 35 years hence? One shudders to imagine . . .” Randall Terry in 2011 (photo credit Marc...(Read Full Article)
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