An Unheralded Prophet

The writing on the wall came most clearly, I think, in 1994 when Randall A. Terry said:

“In 1959 it would have been unthinkable to the average American – whether Democrat, Republican or Independent – that children would be murdered by abortion, homosexuals would be indoctrinating our children and demanding ‘marriage’ rights, that our surgeon general would be calling for the legalization of criminal drugs, and the distribution of condoms to ten-year-olds, that our tax money would pay for a crucifix floating in a vat of urine, that prayer and Bible reading would be illegal in government schools, that new-age, one-world, indoctrination would be standard fare. None of these atrocities could have been foreseen (much less discussed in mixed company) a scant 35 years ago. Where will it end? Will what is unthinkable and unspeakable today be commonplace 35 years hence? One shudders to imagine . . .”

Randall Terry in 2011 (photo credit Marc Nozell)

The author of this prophetic comment was arrested many times for his protests against “legalized injustice.” In 2017 Randall was arrested for crossing a no-trespassing zone in order to protest the guest appearance of President Obama for a commencement address at “Catholic” Notre Dame. He was doing what the university administrators failed to do – disallow a public figure to spread an aura of legitimacy to elective abortion in a Catholic, pro-life zone of learning. Randall was acting in good faith against what was intensely wrong, while the administration, acting against its own avowed interests, staged a high profile abomination. Randall Terry is not the only fearless person arrested and carted off to prison for obeying morally correct law instead of politically correct law. [See here.] The history of persecution and martyrdom for standing against evil reaches back to B.C.

Today there is no need to imagine the outcome of the ongoing subversion of justice in America. It is in plain sight, for all to see, in the news, in commentary, in painful personal stories.

Whoever does not see the before and after, the cause and effect, of moral-free governance in America is either too young to be aware of what has been done to their country by Marxists and leaders with a defective sense of justice or has been brainwashed by media to accept a false reality. Look around and see what “liberal” missionaries of change have accomplished in the last few decades, outdoing the damage they did before 2000. Minds that work see a deterioration in what was once a sane, vibrant, freedom-endowed nation, in spite of faults found in every system of government, this side of heaven. It was an America that its domestic enemies are ludicrously forced to hate, exposing a derangement hard to conceal.

Minds that don’t work have been deconstructed by a postmodern lunacy that prevails among intellectuals, most of them born in the 1940s. In brief, postmodern “thinking” suppresses critical centers of the mind that help form sound decisions – sound as in valid. By turning all statements into a “narrative” equal to every other “narrative,” postmodernists have effectively trashed validity and made serious communication between people virtually impossible. Value-free “reasoning” is the new standard for action in America, the U.K., and other countries hostage to political bigwigs. Witness the words of a prominent stateswoman when she said, regarding a fatal error of judgment, “what difference does it make, at this point?” In the postmodern world, “valid,” for those who insist on meaning, means: “I have more pull than you.”

Before 1960, the churches and their educational institutions formed a bulwark against moral degeneracy and against the adverse social and political consequences that follow. Moral delinquency in high office was publicly denounced. But after the 1960s social revolution, Marxist change agents infiltrated the churches to weaken their influence on society and appropriated the mission to lead it. Even the Catholic Church caved to the Marxists and adopted their model for salvation. Henceforth the churches were to follow the times, not lead the times. Any religion that did not step to the Marxist drumbeat was branded a “cult” and what it preached was condemned as “hate.” Speaking truth became “hate speech.” Appropriating morality to one’s side is textbook Alinskyism, a set of Teflon-coated tools to ensure that “heads, I win – tails, you lose.”

With most churches relinquishing the moral high ground to leftists, the quest of these traitors of America to take the nation to their global Oz gained traction. But their gain has been the churches’ loss. A good many have been left to rediscover the reason for their existence. Waking up, for the many that have been led astray, is painfully upsetting.

Because this country is a democratic republic – thanks to its sharp-minded founders – and not the plaything of power-hungry elites, the hottest question for Americans of every IQ and skin color is, are we to remain a free and independent people or march down the road to a future of servitude to a state run by rulers blind to the meaning and reality of being human? Are there enough outraged Americans, in and out of positions of influence, to give these pushers of a global dystopia their eviction notice? Are today’s adults seriously enough committed to pass on to their children and grandchildren the wonderful, free, sane country they received at birth or by way of (legal) immigration? Are we, the citizens of America, going to turn our children, our belongings, and ourselves over to power-rabid masters who have seized this nation by stealth, deception, bribery, intimidation, smear, and every other method of lording known?

The push to a future with no rights and freedoms except what is allowed by the state, run by self-appointed elites with no respect for life, no use for God, no regard for the sacrifices of millions of Americans, past and president, who struggled, bled, and died to keep this land free and prospering – this rush to a hellish dystopia must be halted and a saner course taken. It begins by giving the promoters of that hell their second notice of termination in 2020.

Anthony J. DeBlasi is a veteran and lifelong defender of Western culture.

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