Abolishing the Electoral College Is Unconstitutional and Wrong

Recently, Elizabeth Warren and a number of other Democratic candidates for president have suggested that the Electoral College be abolished.  Right now, a candidate for president must win a majority of Electoral College votes regardless of the outcome of the national popular vote. President Donald Trump in 2016 and President George W. Bush in 2000, did not win the popular vote, but they did win a majority in the Electoral College.  The Dems claim that this is not fair and that the president should be elected by popular vote.  In fact, a number of states are trying to change their Electoral College votes based on the national popular vote rather than the vote within their state. In theory, a democracy or a constitutional republic makes major decisions based on the desires of the majority of the people.  Indeed, it was rule by a generally elite minority, rather than the majority, that was the basis for the founding of our country.  However, our forefathers...(Read Full Article)
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