Will America's Rich Fund Their Own Dispossession?

Many Americans have a vision of the GOP as a party of country club elites, funded by big-money donors, paying lip service to conservative social issues in order to pry working-class voters away from their own economic interests -- all the while delivering on the Chamber of Commerce’s agenda. While that may have been a fairly accurate portrayal as recently as 2008, it was also true that those same big money donors hedged their bets by giving almost as generously to Democrats. But with the advent of liberal, politically-activist billionaires from the tech, venture capital and media sectors, that perception of big-money influence no longer holds true. While today’s leftists rage against the corrosive effects of big money in politics, the reality is the Democrats are now the party of the monied interests. What has changed is the new big-money donors are no longer hedging their bets, but have gone all in for the Dems. Whether the new donor class are true believers in the...(Read Full Article)
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