Thinking about Cultural Appropriation

The past few weeks saw no shortage of writing on the teenagers from Covington Catholic. By now, most people realize that the media’s coverage of this event is a textbook example of why the term “fake news” resonates with the public: despite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, many mainstream “news” outlets continue to insist that the adults who were harassing these adolescents were actually the victims. One thing that received little coverage was that percussionist and anti-personal space crusader Nathan Phillips initially refused to meet with the students to discuss the incident. Later he agreed to meet the students and their families -- but only “to have a dialogue about cultural appropriation.” The term “cultural appropriation” used to be one that was familiar only to those masochistic enough to spend time a lot of time on college campuses, but like most academic drivel, it has trickled down into everyday speech....(Read Full Article)