New Challenges in Cybersecurity

The new year brings increased challenges to the cybersecurity front. Current trends show that cyberattacks will grow in frequency during 2019. The government’s cybersecurity efforts already got off to a rocky start due to a highly politicized government shutdown. Will the American government be ready to keep ahead of the pace of black-market hacking innovations and intelligence-seeking, malicious foreign actors? In 2018, we saw a number of cyberattacks directed at both federal and state government entities. One notable example was a disinformation campaign carried out by entities linked to Iranian state media during the 2018 midterm elections. Other governmental organizations that were also targeted throughout 2018 include the U.S. Treasury suffering a spear phishing attack perpetrated by an Iranian cyberespionage group. This attack compromised the personal emails of U.S Treasury officials. A U.S Navy contractor also suffered a data breach that resulted in the extraction...(Read Full Article)
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