Joan of Arc and the Mueller Witch Hunt

To understand Special Counsel Robert Mueller's motives in his investigation, consider another story in which a tyrannical government grilled an innocent to make her confess whatever they wanted to hear.  This is the story of Joan of Arc. The Hundred Years War was going badly for France. In 1420, French King Charles VI signed the Treaty of Troyes, which made King Henry V of England his successor. In 1422, Charles VI died. This led to a conflict. Is the King of France Henry V (analogous to Hillary Clinton) or Charles VII (analogous to Donald Trump)? The war continued. Under the cloud of royal uncertainty and possible French defeat, a coronation for Charles VII would have been laughable.  Then Joan of Arc came on the scene.  She correctly predicted the French defeat at the Battle of Rouvray.  She then asked to see Charles.  She convinced Charles to let her lead his army. Joan led the French Army in the Battle of Orleans.  Between Joan's...(Read Full Article)
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