Democratic and Republican Résumé-Enhancers

What does it take to get ahead in today's world?  If I were a young person entering politics, I'd be looking for the best résumé-enhancers, to see what sort of qualifications and accomplishments are shared by those "getting ahead" in today's political arena. Who are all these people getting ahead, and how are they doing it? After serving as a Chicago community organizer and Illinois state senator, Barack Obama rose from a pedestrian three years as a U.S. senator to become the 44th president of the United States.  Coming out of a corrupt city and a corrupt state with corrupt politicians (four of the last seven Illinois governors have been jailed), Obama had a few election irregularities of his own that were basically unreported by the media.  Also largely ignored by the media was Obama's choice of mentor-pastor, Jeremiah Wright, who would regularly condemn America and white people from the pulpit on Sunday...(Read Full Article)
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