Catholic Clergy: Making Themselves Irrelevant

The beliefs of the Catholic Church are defined by two thousand years of careful writings and a slow process of understanding the revealed truths.  This has brought us our Catechism, our Creed, encyclicals such as Humanae Vitae, and other solid references which provide a foundation for living well, especially in stressful times.  One role of the clergy is to guide us Catholics in these teachings. The Church is not defined by whatever a priest in Paducah happens to say on Tuesday, and its faithful are under no obligation to take direction from misguided clergy.  But how do we determine when to ignore?  For Catholics using their rational minds and their God-given free will, it’s been happening for centuries.  Some (unfortunately) leave the church altogether, some walk to the next parish over, and some simply ignore the bad advice and view their priest as just a delivery vehicle for the sacraments.  Sadly, what we’re seeing now is an...(Read Full Article)
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