All Americans Should Be Grateful for Their Country

The late political commentator Charles Krauthammer stated, in describing the constitutional republic established by America's founders in 1787, that "[t]he American system was and is the most realistic in understanding the fallen condition of the human being."  As a former psychiatrist and student of human behavior, Krauthammer understood and believed in the axiom that, except in rare instances, power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Hence, the unique system of legislative, executive, and judicial "checks and balances" established in America's constitution was designed to prevent the abuse of power by one person or ruling faction.    Krauthammer was grateful for his nation and wished for his fellow citizens to join him in this gratitude.  In fact, he states in The Point of It All that "you know firsthand in your bones what a blessed place America is — and the role we have...(Read Full Article)
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