Where Have the (Bill) Clinton Democrats Gone?

There are many independents who normally lean toward the Democratic Party, but who are now voting Republican simply because the Democrats have strayed too far from their historical norm.  While much of today’s Democratic Party is leaning far to the left, their core is trying to return toward a more centrist position.  This is the position that Bill Clinton took when he was president.  Clinton recognized that he had to change some of his views in order to win a second term. In 1996, Clinton was seeking re-election.  Since he raised taxes early in his first term, the recovery from the 1991 recession was sluggish. During his 1996 campaign, he promised to jump-start the economy.  He abandoned any thoughts of a National Health Insurance policy, which he studied in 1993.  He had placed wife Hillary Clinton on the commission to study the health care problem. Hillary came up with a complete National Healthcare system where each citizen would...(Read Full Article)
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