The Only Privilege in America is Liberal Privilege

As lefty online dictionaries  showcasing their lefty words of the year to review 2018 -- such as the “toxic” in toxic masculinity, toxic culture, and toxic environment -- I redeclare the following from 2015, without fear of contradiction: The only privilege in America is Liberal Privilege. Item: Michelle Alexander of the New York Times. Reported by Christopher DeGroot, she writes that none of us deserve to be Americans by the privilege of “birthright” citizenship. Okay, Ms. Privileged Times Writer, then prove your bona fides by giving up your privileged job to an educated migrant. Item: AntiFa protesters in Portland and San Francisco, reported by Kevin Williamson. There is no greater privilege than for police to stand by and fail to enforce the law while the little darlings of the ruling class destroy the property of innocent citizens that are not licensed and bonded little darlings or the ruling class. Hey, AntiFa, why not try your mostly...(Read Full Article)
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