The Latest Danger from Memes

Memes. They can be funny, sad, inspirational, or at other times downright offensive. I have some friends who literally invest significant time daily in checking out the latest viral meme. Whether you like them or not, memes have become big in pop culture. Some of the featured characters have gone on to crossover internet fame. Grumpy Cat, Kermit the Frog, and the “overly attached” girlfriend have entertained Americans for countless hours as they scroll through their timelines on the most downloaded social media apps in the world including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. With the increased popularity of this new medium of expression come new dangers. Ever inventive, sophisticated hackers have now incorporated the use of steganography as a vehicle to deliver infectious malware. Steganography is defined as data hidden within data. In computing, it is sometimes purposed as an encryption technique used to protect files. It can also be used to facilitate encrypted...(Read Full Article)
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