One Way Outraged Americans Can Beat Robert Mueller

Much has been made of the pre-dawn arrest of Roger Stone in his home in Fort Lauderdale.  To make this arrest, Special Counsel Robert Mueller, probably having delegated the task to his subordinate Andrew Weissmann (who is known for this tactic), assembled a full-scale FBI SWAT team of 29 members, replete with long weapons, body armor, and even a flash-bang grenade or two.  The arrest took place at "zero dark thirty" or 5:30 A.M.  Nevertheless, a CNN crew was on hand to film the whole thing. Once upon a time, this level of force was considered necessary only to raid suspects able and inclined to shoot back, or who might destroy evidence.  Think Symbionese Liberation Army or drug kingpin Frank Lucas of American Gangster fame.  In such cases, in which the suspects really might shoot back, a television crew would never be allowed, on the grounds that they could be killed in the...(Read Full Article)
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