Masculinity Is Not Toxic, but the APA Might Be

Institutions that used to be beyond politics have become infected by cultural Marxism, which attacks the family, traditions, and the classic natural conditions.  Based on assertions made by Dr. Ronald Levant, the American Psychological Association (APA) has declared that traditional masculinity is harmful.  Those on the left who insist that we never generalize about this group or that group are now out-front generalizing that men and masculinity are a flawed group whose nature and attitudes are harmful.  According to the APA, God's creation of male and female, masculinity and femininity was a primal, organic mistake.  Because of what the professor sees as a few flaws, he is ready to throw out historic masculinity and replace it with something un-masculine.  He is eager to change the order of nature, similar to how cultural Marxists and leftists have been zealously trying to socially engineer our society to conform to their...(Read Full Article)
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