Demonizing Catholic Schoolboys

The Resistance media’s agenda-driven reporting and disregard for the truth reached a new low with the Lincoln Memorial incident. A group of Catholic high school boys were waiting for their bus after attending the annual March for Life when they were set upon by two groups of leftist agitators, who insulted them with vicious and racist slurs. The kids responded with good-natured school-spirit chants, attempting to drown out the belligerent taunts. They didn’t respond with insults or any physical aggression of their own, which would have been easy to do, since the kids outnumbered their adult tormentors 10 to 1. Guess whose side the media took? A hateful black supremacist group called the Black Hebrew Israelites spat at the boys and called them “crackers”, “faggots” and “a bunch of incest babies”. To a black student they yelled that his white classmates would “harvest his organs”. For over an hour,...(Read Full Article)
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