Demonizing Catholic Schoolboys

The Resistance media’s agenda-driven reporting and disregard for the truth reached a new low with the Lincoln Memorial incident. A group of Catholic high school boys were waiting for their bus after attending the annual March for Life when they were set upon by two groups of leftist agitators, who insulted them with vicious and racist slurs. The kids responded with good-natured school-spirit chants, attempting to drown out the belligerent taunts. They didn’t respond with insults or any physical aggression of their own, which would have been easy to do, since the kids outnumbered their adult tormentors 10 to 1. Guess whose side the media took?

A hateful black supremacist group called the Black Hebrew Israelites spat at the boys and called them “crackers”, “faggots” and “a bunch of incest babies”. To a black student they yelled that his white classmates would “harvest his organs”. For over an hour, they shouted racist slurs against students.

A group of American Indian protesters then waded into the student’s group and began accusing teens of stealing their land, demanding they return to Europe. One of the Indians, 64-year-old Nathan Phillips, walked up to a sophomore named Nick Sandmann and began chanting and aggressively beating a drum inches from the boy’s face. Sandmann remained still and calm while smiling at Phillips. Other boys watching smiled, laughed, and chanted along with the old man. A couple kids started to do the tomahawk chop, but quickly abandoned it.  

When a short clip of Phillip’s taunting of Sandmann went viral, the leftist media pounced. They accused Sandmann of being the aggressor and of being disrespectful of the “tribal elder” who was banging a drum in his face. They reported that the other students had surrounded Phillips and mocked and ridiculed him. Phillips, a professional protester with a history of making disputed racial accusations, then lied to the media: “There was a moment when I realized I’ve put myself between beast and prey. These young men were beastly, and these old black individuals was their prey, and I stood in between them and so they needed their pounds of flesh and they were looking at me for that”.

The mainstream media spent the next two news cycles demonizing the Catholic schoolboys. They called the teens hateful racists and demanded that their school punish them with expulsion. From CNN, Ana Navarro called the boys’ parents “asswipes” for teaching them “bigotry and racism” and Bakari Sellers suggested that Sandmann deserved to be punched in the face. Other reporters accused the kids of being Nazis and white nationalists. None of the accusers bothered to gather any facts first.

Afraid they may miss the virtue signaling bandwagon, many John McCain-type conservative pundits leaped to join the smear campaign. National Review’s Nicholas Frankovich, Ben Shapiro, S.E. Cupp, Bill Kristol, and McCain’s daughter Meghan were among those quick to believe the worst of the pro-life, conservative teens and excoriate them. Frankovich accused them of “spitting on the cross”. If ever conservatives needed an event to smoke out the true nature of fake commentators on the right, this was it.

Hollywood “celebrities” quickly joined in the hate fest and began identifying the students and calling for violence against them. Disney producer Jack Morrissey called for them “ go screaming, hats first, into the woodchipper” with a grisly graphic depiction. Kathy Griffin urged her 2 million followers to identify the kids by name. After calling for them to be shot, a Los Angeles DJ called Uncle Shoes tweeted at his 40-thousand followers demanding, “LOCK THE KIDS IN THE SCHOOL AND BURN THAT BITCH TO THE GROUND”.

Thousands of vile, racist threats and doxing piled up against the kids on social media. Twitter, which regularly bans conservatives for speaking rudely, refused to suspend the blue-check-marked terrorists, explaining that the threats of violence and mass murder did not violate their terms of service.

If the kids thought that maybe their church or school would defend them, or at least learn the facts before throwing them to the mob, they had another thing coming. Before gathering any evidence independently, the students’ own Archdiocese in Covington condemned the students and apologized to Phillips and Native Americans everywhere. Their parochial school’s principal promised an investigation followed by expulsions. Having earned a well-deserved reputation for abusing children, the church stayed true to form.

Since the original libels were published, hours of video were posted proving that the Covington Catholic high kids were minding their own business and blameless in the incident. Many of the media outlets and “celebrities” rushed to scrub their websites and social media platforms of the incriminating evidence. Though some gave qualified apologies to the boys, most just deleted their slanders and moved on. But there are still plenty of false stories posted which will follow the doxed kids throughout their college and careers. The most common equivocation was that ‘the situation was more complex than originally reported’ or some variant. The situation wasn’t complex at all -- at least not to anyone not harboring extreme anti-white, anti-religious biases.

Parents are now considering lawsuits and conservative lawyers have offered to take their cases pro bono. They have an especially strong case since the victims are minors and not public figures. The media’s behavior was outrageous and violated every profession standard, which could lead to huge verdicts. After enforcing standards for content against conservatives and then allowing terroristic threats from the leftists to go without consequence, Twitter could be especially vulnerable. It would be especially gratifying to see some of the unhinged “celebrities” lose their mansions and apply for food stamps.

During the midterm elections, many white suburban women (soccer moms) moved toward the leftist-controlled Democrats. About half of Catholics still vote Democrat. One wonders what they are thinking and if this episode will lift the veil from their eyes.

The author hosts Right Now with Jim Daws, a webcast on news, politics and culture from and American nationalist perspective

Correction: this piece previosly identified the diocese in question as based in Cincinnati. AT regrets the error.