Democrats Now Share Responsibility for the 2019 Deficit

On January 3, the new Congress was sworn in.  The House of Representatives is now under Democratic control, and Nancy Pelosi is once again speaker.  One of the first things the new House did was to pass rules changes that include PAYGO, the rule that new spending must be offset with budget cuts or revenue increases so that the deficit doesn't get any worse. A notable defection on this rule vote was Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the freshman representative from New York.  She and other far-left progressives don't want their socialist agenda held back by anything as boring as whether or not there's money to pay for it. If PAYGO was the reason for Ocasio-Cortez's defection, she might as well have voted with the majority.  That's because PAYGO is fraudulent; it can easily be waived and gotten around.  Pelosi ran on PAYGO in 2006, but after grabbing the gavel in 2007, she ran the largest deficits in...(Read Full Article)
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