Trump's Enemies: A Book for the Ages

Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie have written a seminal book as critical participants in one of the most historic events in American history.  Their book is about the triumphs and setbacks of the campaign of Donald Trump to be elected the 45th president and then his governance for the first eighteen-plus months. Their book works on three important levels. First, it is a good read.  The authors take a murky and complicated story about the president's "Deep State" enemies and present names and events in an easy to understand linear narrative.  By presenting a timeline with names and specific examples of individuals who have demonstrated disloyalty to constitutional safeguards,  they make the horror of what happened understandable. The evidence they present makes the case that the Obama White House, the Intelligence Community, and the DOJ and FBI at the highest levels, along with Clinton Inc. political operatives, both...(Read Full Article)
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