The Problem with Purism

Deciding to vote for a Republican or Democrat is like deciding between a shelter and a hurricane. Republican voters clearly prefer the stability and cover of a shelter. They wisely fear the innovations of Democrats who want to expand the power of government for the supposedly greater good. They do not buy the progressive response that disagreeing with the liberal agenda equates to hating victims. Most Republican voters simply want to worship, do business, and speak their minds in peace. For their part, Republican politicians usually promise these very things and not much more. In terms of shelter, some work better than others. Moderate Republicans are like the rickety shacks that often blow over during a storm. If they hold together, even for a light wind (like confirming a clearly innocent judge, or voting for beneficial tax cuts), voters are happy. More purist Republicans are like miniature underground bomb shelters. They weather every storm, but they’re not much use to...(Read Full Article)
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