The Most Memorable Leftist Hypocrisies of 2017-8

The left is composed of horrible people.  Most sane people realize this, even if they have friends on the dark side.  I have friends on the left, so I can say, "Some of my best friends are horrible people."  The right wing has its own problems, but for now, let's talk about the first two years of Trump's presidency.  It should stun even the most cynical among us. From the "99%" to "Crush the Little Guy" Jason Wilson published a column at the reliably left-wing Guardian called "How the world has fought back against the far-right and started winning." It celebrates Gestapo tactics against inconsequential bad guys the left labels as racists, Nazis, or whatever.  Wilson glorifies "doxing," "counter-surveillance," and "no-platforming."  He likes pressuring governments to classify internet commenters as terrorists and deny them...(Read Full Article)
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