The Future of Cyberwarfare

It’s time we got serious about defending the country against cyberwarfare. The nature of warfare inevitably evolves, and the best-defended and economically dominant countries of the world need to evolve with it. We didn’t see a problem beefing up our air force when aviation ruled the battlefield, and we’re still dealing with a nuclear stockpile meant to deter our enemies from attacking us with these enormously destructive weapons. So why are we so far behind on defending ourselves from a cyberattack? The future of war is digital, and if we’re going to survive the assault, we need to be ready. What Cyberwarfare Could Look Like Cyberwarfare is threatening for several reasons. For starters, even a large-scale, devastating attack could be launched by a single, motivated person. When you don’t need to get government approval, or mobilize an army of tens of thousands, the stakes become much higher and the threat becomes more immediate. It’s...(Read Full Article)
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