Republicans' Best Argument in the Health Care Debate

As we have been reminded from the elections just concluded, the number-one item of concern with U.S. voters is health care.  The reason for people's concern revolves around the never-ending upward spiral of costs.  One huge factor regarding health care is never mentioned.  That is because making prices public would be kicking a hornets nest.  Making prices public would introduce competition and put at least some of the power of health care decision-making back into the hands of the people.  Making prices public would take away the most intentionally opaque economy any of us has to deal with in his lifetime.  Costs in health care are driven up not only because medical advances don't come free, but also because there is a veritable cabal of players who have no reason to charge less. The Democrats just took back the House of Representatives.  Attempts to either bring back Obamacare or go straight to...(Read Full Article)
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