Paris Burns, and Macron Backs Down

Following weeks of rioting, President Macron backed down on his costly carbon taxes.  As in other European countries, the French decided that heavy taxation of fossil fuels, putatively designed to slow global warming, just wasn't worth it.  Who cares about an uncertain and distant rise in temperatures when one can't afford to heat one's house this winter, or drive one's car or transport food to market? The French response to carbon taxes was unequivocal, but the left's still not listening, not in France or in the U.S.  Some in the Pelosi Congress will almost certainly call for measures similar to California's recently passed bill requiring 100% of electricity to be derived from green fuels by 2045.  That's just a carbon tax in disguise, more onerous, actually, than the French measure.  Just last month a federal judge temporarily blocked construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, citing the...(Read Full Article)
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