My Forecast: More Predictions From More Experts

When I read the following headline in the Wall Street Journal,  “The Economic Forecast for 2019: Less Growth and More Uncertainty,” I considered it absolutely hilarious because it could just be recycled year after year, especially the part about uncertainty. On the news on Tuesday they blamed the stock market drop on uncertainty. I guess there was no uncertainty when the market rose on Monday and last week. Here is what the article says creates the uncertainty: Among the big questions: What will the Fed do? And what impact will President Trump’s trade policies have on business investment? I continually read predictions and analysis by so called “experts” and I think: why do we call them experts since their predictions are usually so far off? How many experts predicted Trump policies would give us over 3% growth this year? I can’t think of any. Instead we were continuously warned that if Trump was elected the economy...(Read Full Article)
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