Macron Confronts the People

Since November 17, 2018, Paris has been akin to a war zone in which the bright golden haze is not the result of sunrise but of arson and burning by rioters and demonstrators in the famed, fashionable, and expensive streets and areas of the capital, the Louvre, Place Vendome, the Opera. The context has been the escalation of protests, violence, and destruction not only in Paris but also in many places across the country. This is violence in the streets of a kind not seen since the student and worker revolt of May 1968, and to lesser degree the banlieue riots of October-November 2005.  Unlike previous historical French movements or demonstrations, the original 2018 protestors had no clear political objectives other than opposition to the planned rise in taxes of fuel and diesel, which President Macron saw implementing climate change policy, limiting greenhouse gas emissions, and leading the path to green energy in France. The price of diesel has risen by 23% in the last 12...(Read Full Article)
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