Why Suburban Women Cost the Republicans the House

Did suburban women cost the Republicans the House of Representatives? Most suburban women can be easily persuaded to vote for Democrats because they do not think seriously. Serious thinking in the political sense is concerned with where we are going as a nation, our moral values, our long-term prosperity, our security, our freedom and its inherent responsibilities. G.K. Chesterton said, “Thinking means connecting things, and stops if they cannot be connected” (Orthodoxy, 1908). Don’t get me wrong – there are many intelligent, serious conservative women in Fairfax County (not to mention the nation as a whole), but they are sadly in the minority. From my limited and unscientific perspective, the reason most suburban women voted for Democrats can be divided into three categories: They don’t have to think seriously. They have never been taught to think seriously. They really don’t want to think seriously. They Don’t Have to...(Read Full Article)
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